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Common questions about alprazolam

Common questions about alprazolam

Posted By on Jan 26, 2016


Alprazolam is a kind of medication usually taken by people suffering from a mental disorder known as anxiety disorder. This kind of disorder is the excessive fear and anxiety about a certain thing.

Alprazolam helps them deal with their disorder.

anxious-typography-a3-png-01One of the common questions a lot of people are asking regarding this medication is how to take them. The answer is very simple. One should take them according to their doctor’s prescriptions, which means that they should go see a doctor, a psychologist, first before they take this medicine. Some of the things one must remember when taking the medicine is that if it is orally disintegrating, they should never swallow it whole. They should allow it to melt in their mouths first before swallowing. Never chew the medicine as well. On the other hand, if it is extended release, swallow it whole and never crush nor chew nor break the tablet. If it is in liquid form, make sure you measure the dosage with the right amount using a measuring device. Lastly, make sure you always take in this medicine at the required time and in the required amount.

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142__21892__77735_zoomAnother common question is that what happens if they miss a dose of this medication? Well, as soon as one remembers that they have missed a dose, make sure they take it immediately but if it is already time for the next one, just skip the one you missed. Never take an extra dose to make up for any missed dosage for you might end up overdosing. And in case you overdose, immediately call your doctor or ask for any medical attention. Overdosing can kill someone. Some of the symptoms of having an overdose are weakness of the muscle, balance or coordination loss, drowsiness, feeling light headed, confusion or fainting. If you feel any of these, immediately ask for help.Then there are also some people that ask what should they avoid while having this medication? One of course, is alcoholic beverages for it may have a negative effect on the person. Grapefruits and grape juices can also have a bad side effect when taken with this medicine. So try to avoid them as much as possible. There are also some other drugs that must not mix with alprazolam like sleeping pills, muscle relaxer or medicines for other kinds of mental disorders. Ask your doctor first if they are safe and make sure you tell them any kind of medications you have to avoid possible future complications.

Ford_E350_ambulance2These are only a few of the many questions people usually ask about alprazolam. However, it is always better if the ask these things straight from their doctors to make sure that they will get the right answers and that they can still ask other follow up questions of they have. Taking in this medication can be quite difficult for the person for it may have some side effects and many things should be done to make sure they are still healthy. However, it is important to make sure they are in good shape.


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What is alprazolam?

What is alprazolam?

Posted By on Jan 26, 2016


imageOnly a few people are aware of the medicine Alprazolam. Some of the common people do not know for what this medicine is and some are even not aware of its existence. However, for some people who are experiencing anxiety disorders and for psychologists, this is a very common term. Alprazolam is a medicine which may affects some brain chemicals that can be unbalanced among people suffering from anxiety. This is usually common in treating people with mental disorders like anxiety disorder, anxiety caused by another mental disorder which is depression, and panic disorders. However, alprazolam is not limited to these disorders. It can also be used for other medications. Also, one should always remember that this cannot be taken anytime. One should consult their doctor first before taking it, for it may have negative side effects to some people which are suffering from other kinds of disorders or are taking other medications. Alprazolam, if taken it with other medicines, can be bad for the person or worse, can be fatal. Make sure you inform your doctor with all the medications you are taking in before you take alprazolam. Also, make sure you do not take this when you are pregnant for it may cause some physical or mental defects on the baby and can also be fatal. Never drink any alcoholic beverages also while in this medication for it may have negative side effects.

Before taking alprazolam, there are some things one should remember

image (1)One is to make sure you get this medicine from someone who is a legit seller. You can either purchase it from your doctor or from a trusted pharmacy. Purchasing them from the internet can be very dangerous. Medicine sold on the internet may have dangerous ingredients that may harm you, or it may be distributed without a license or approval from authority. Make sure you know the background of the seller. Another thing is, again, never use this medicine when you are carrying another life inside of you. Alprazolam can cause birth defects or it can make your baby drug dependent. It can cause withdrawal symptoms with the baby once you give birth, which can be life threatening.

alprazolamBabies undergoing withdrawal symptoms must go through treatment as early as two weeks. Make sure that you inform your doctor firsthand if you are pregnant or are planning to have a baby. Also, to avoid being pregnant while taking this medication, the use of effective birth control is very helpful. Also, this medicine can still affect the baby once it is already born of the mother decides to breastfeed their baby for alprazolam can be passed on through breast milk. That is why mothers who are taking this medicine should never breastfeed their babies. Lastly, this medicine is not approved for the use of people under the age of eighteen. Make sure you consult an expert first before taking this product. Yes, only a few people are aware of alprazolam, but it is important for them to know this medicine.


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Symptoms of anxiety disorders

Symptoms of anxiety disorders

Posted By on Jan 26, 2016


don__t_panic_wallpaper_by_vantaj-d4fgo87A lot of people are anxious about a thing or two most of the time. They are anxious about their exam in school, whether they would pass or not. They are anxious about their report in the office, whether they could deliver it well or not. They are anxious about many things. And commonly, when people get anxious, they would jump into a conclusion that they are suffering from an anxiety disorder. However, they must not worry for there are some symptoms that must be complied first before they can say that they are having anxiety disorders.

Anxiety disorders are one of the many kinds of mental disorders, along with depression and personality disorders. Anxiety disorders are excessive fear and anxiety about certain things,wherein their worries and fear are too much and are not in proportion to the threat that the actual thing or situation imposes. Also, panic attacks are common among people suffering from anxiety disorders. However, one must be aware that there are different kinds of anxiety disorders and with every kind of anxiety disorder come different symptoms. One of the features that differs these anxiety disorders from one another is the object or situation that causes their anxiety.

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hypnotherapy-for-panic-attacksIf someone if anxious that someone they love, usually known as their attachment figure, will experience something bad that may separate them from the person, then that one may have separation anxiety disorder. The symptoms of this disorder usually develop during childhood but can be expressed throughout adulthood. On the other hand, if someone has a constant failure to speak in public situations where they are expected to speak like in schools or at their work, then they might be suffering from selective mutism. These people, although cannot speak in social situations, can still speak in other situations like when at home or with friends. People with specific phobia are scared or anxious about a certain thing or situation, wherein their fear or anxiety is not proportional to the threat the phobic situation imposes. Some of the specific phobias include animals, bloods, syringes, natural environment, needles and others. People who are anxious about social interactions might suffer from social anxiety disorder or social phobia. They fear that people might scrutinize them especially when they perform or do something in public. Panic disorder can be diagnosed among people with expected or unexpected panic attacks and are constantly worried that they will have panic attacks anytime again. People who are afraid in places like public transportation, open and close places, being in a line or in a crowd or being alone outside the home may have agoraphobia, wherein they fear or are anxious being in places where escape is difficult and help is impossible. Lastly, people who are always and excessively anxious about many things that may include their performance in school or work may be suffering from general anxiety disorder.

These are a few of the symptoms of the different kinds of disorder. To know more, you can always ask from experts like doctors or psychologists.

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Anxiety Disorders are one of the common mental disorders among people. There are many different kinds of anxiety disorders one should be aware of. Although fear and anxiety is common among all these disorders, the subject of anxiety differs. Listed below are the different kinds of anxiety disorders.

Separation anxiety disorder

P_AnxietyDisordersThis is the fear or anxiety of separation from one’s attachment figure to a developmentally inappropriate degree. Attachment figures are the ones who took care of the child, usually the parents, more specifically the mother. In this disorder, there is a fear or anxiety that something bad will happen to the attachment figure that will lead to their separation.

Selective Mutism

This is an anxiety disorder which is characterized by constant failure to speak in social situations where one is expected to speak like in schools or in offices, although the person can still speak in other situations. This failure has a significant effect on the academic and occupational life of the person and may interfere with the person’s normal social communication.

Specific Phobia

anxietyre22919833373People who suffer this disorder are anxious or fearful of specific things or situations. The fear, anxiety or avoidance is immediately induced by the phobic situation. This leads to the person feeling that the thing or situation can affect them more than it should. Their actions are usually out of the proportion to the thing or situation’s actual risk.

Social Anxiety disorder

This disorder, also known as the social phobia, is the fear, anxiety or avoidance of socializing with other people which may involve the possibility of them being scrutinized. Some of these social interactions include meeting new people, performing or speaking in front of others and the like. People with social phobia usually think they are negatively evaluated.

Panic Disorder

images (1)This disorder is diagnosed when a person experiences recurrent and unexpected panic attacks. They are also concerned or always worried that they will have more panic attacks. Panic attacks can be expected or unexpected, which means that it may occur for no reason at all.


This is the fear or anxiety about having two or more of the following: being in open or enclosed spaces, using the public transportations, being alone outside of the home, standing in a line or in a crowd. They usually fear being in these kinds of situation because they think that escape or help is impossible.

General anxiety disorder

This is a disorder where a person is anxious about many things, which may include performance in school or work. This anxiety is very difficult for the person to control. Some of the physical symptoms that may be experienced by the person include restlessness, feeling keyed up, fatigue, difficulty in concentrating, irritability, muscle tension and sleep disturbance.

Other anxiety disorders include the substance or medication induced anxiety disorder, which is mainly caused by any kind of substance or medication taken by the person.

These are the different kinds of anxiety disorder one must know of. For more information on them, one can read the DSM-5.


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What are anxiety disorders?

What are anxiety disorders?

Posted By on Jan 11, 2016


According to the DSM 5 or the 5th edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, anxiety disorders are considered to be one of the common mental disorders among people.

They have defined mental disorder as a syndrome which is characterized by a clinically significant disturbance in one’s emotion regulation, cognition or behavior, which reflects a dysfunction in the person’s psychological, biological or developmental process that underlies the mental functioning. Mental disorders usually hinder a person from being able to work properly in social, occupational or other significant activities.

WorisorderOne of the common features all anxiety disorders share is excessive fear and anxiety, which includes any kind of related behavior that may cause disturbances. Fear and anxiety are commonly mixed up by people, but fear differs from anxiety since the first one talks about the future, their worries about what might happen, while the former one is about the present, what they know and what they are afraid of. Anxiety is the anticipation of a future threat, and fear is the emotions response to a perceived or real threat. Yes, some people might be worried about something in the future like they get anxious knowing they have a report in class tomorrow, or that they will have an interview for a job, or they have something to do tomorrow for their work. But these are common anxieties among people. What differs normal people from the ones with anxiety disorder is that the latter worries about almost everything. They get anxious even about small things that should not be worried about.

Another common symptom is the panic attacks, which are usually one of the types of responses to fear. However, panic attacks are not limited to anxiety disorders, this symptom is also common among other mental disorders. What differs the different kinds of anxiety disorder is the thing or situation that causes their anxiety. Some people might think that all kinds of anxiety disorders are the same, but having a closer look at it, they will see that there are many different kinds of this disorder. Another thing that differs anxiety disorders from one another is the duration. Usually, one is diagnosed with anxiety disorder if the symptoms have already lasted for more than six months. But if they have already been showing for more than that, then another kind of anxiety may be diagnosed with the patient.

Most of these anxiety disorders developed during childhood.

A lot of experts are still arguing whether these kinds of mental disorders are caused by nature or nurture.

what-is-asorderSome would say that these disorders are mainly caused by genes and the environment where the child grew up does not have anything to do with it, but others believe that the disorders are not caused by genes but rather only by the environment. However, some experts believe that these disorders are caused by nature, the genes, and nurture, the environment. Some people do have the genes of having mental disorders and is triggered by the way they were up brought.


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